• Latest Version: 4.7
  • Version Release Date: 17/03/2014
  • Current Size: 7.5 mb
  • Support: Android 1.6 +
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    Yugioh Companion

    Yugioh Companion is a tool to assist with the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, it allows you to keep track of your life, log your matches, create decks, view deck statistics, search for cards and lots more.

    It has become my main project and the largest consumer of my time, it has become widely used and fairly popular. Information on this page is currently brief as a separate site is being constructed solely for the app.

    There is a twitter account set up to keep users up to date with new versions and features.


    If you have any issues or suggestions please email or tweet them over. Ive had some fantastic suggestions over the years and a lot of them do make it into the app, or at least on the very long list of features to add.

    The project is still going strong with new tools and features added all the time.

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  • Player 1 and Player 2 LP counter
  • Additional players 3 and 4
  • Match mode, you can choose between 1 round, best of 3 or best of 5
  • All matches are recorded and players win loss stats can be viewed
  • A variable button, you click on the * and enter your desired amount, you can then change the LP by the desired amount with the adjacent buttons
  • A choice between 4 button colours, for either player
  • 10 different backgrounds
  • Card search features, an advanced search where many filters can be applied can be performed on a local database. There is also a web based external search.
  • Internal Database
  • You can set the screen to stay awake
  • Coin toss
  • Dice Roll
  • Calculator
  • Deck Editor
  • Duel Stats
  • Deck Stats
  • Limited List
  • Test hand draw
  • Tablet support
  • Game Rules