• Latest Version: 1.7
  • Version Release Date: 20/06/2010
  • Current Size: 2.7 mb
  • Support: Android 1.6 +
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    MTG Life Counter

    MTG Life Counter is a an application for the Android platform, which is designed to help Magic players keep track, of there life.

    I use to play MTG an awful lot and had always wanted some form of digital dice, not just a number a clicker like other apps at the time.

    It was my first main android project and also my first solo project, it was initially received very well but later on a lot of competition came along from teams of devs and studios. I was unable to keep pace due to my pesky job and family and ultimately stopped working on it, to concentrate on other projects. I had completed the app per my original goal and it is a solid life counter so I have left it up for anyone who wants it.

    image one image one


  • Large dice which is swipe able to control life
  • Swipe left or right to increase or decrease life
  • Swipe up or down to increase or decrease by 5
  • Multiple dice view, that allows for up to 4 dice
  • Reset button
  • Dice Roll button, which randomly generate a numbered dice from 1-20
  • Exit button
  • Settings menu
  • Choice of colours for dice
  • You can set the screen to stay awake
  • Choice of backgrounds
  • Support for ldpi and hdpi screens