Ive been working in IT for some time now and have covered most positions, from an Oracle DBA to a Network Manager. In my day to day pursuits I come across a lot of different and varied problems which a lot of the time will be solved by a script or implementing some open source project. If its useful to me chances are it will be useful to others so I will attempt to post up useful code and other recourses I stumble across on this site.

As a rule of thumb if, if something has taken me several hours of googling or having to amend existing instructions Ill post it up. I cant tell you how many times others doing this has saved my day.

It will also be useful for myself as Im terrible for noting stuff down. I might spend days setting up a server to run a particular service or getting a mobile app to authenticate to a remote database, and end up bookmarking around 20 sites for reference. At the time it all makes sense, if something breaks a year later suddenly those 20 sites don’t hold as much meaning and Im left retracing my steps. So Im hoping it will encourage good habits.

Originally though it was simply a Domain Name to use for various projects and ultimately that’s the sites main purpose, as to how much it will grow and be viewed remains to be seen.